The 5 Best Free Keyword Research Tools (2023)

5 Best Free Keyword Research Tools -

Keyword Research Tools Aren’t Cheap | What Are The Alternatives?

One thing is certain, SEO is difficult enough without having to navigate 100 different software providers looking for the best keyword research tools. That’s why I decided to wade through the myriad-ictic darkness that is SEO tools research and do that for you; I’ve found the five best free keyword research tools available, tested them, and presented them today in this article. Read more to find out what our favorite is!

When it comes to SEO keyword tools, paid keyword research tools often have advanced features, extensive databases, and more comprehensive analytics. They are designed to provide in-depth insights and competitive analysis, making them popular among professionals and businesses willing to invest in their SEO efforts. In a sense, you definitely get what you pay for when it comes to data and reporting. AI SEO Tools are ahead of the game with their revolutionary product offerings, too!

A study conducted by Ahrefs, as we know, one of the leading SEO tool providers, found that paid tools offer more accurate search volume data, broader keyword coverage, and advanced functionalities than free tools (source: Ahrefs).

However, there is much debate around this subject, and Ahrefs themselves admit that it isn’t a perfect science.

Free Options

In contrast to the statement above, the same study by Ahrefs revealed that free tools, such as Google Keyword Planner, can still provide decent keyword suggestions and search volume estimates (source: Ahrefs).

While free keyword research tools may be limited, they can still be valuable assets in your SEO toolkit. Some of them provide free keyword generators, and some of them aggregate SEO data. Many free tools provide basic keyword suggestions, search volume data, and competition analysis, allowing you to gather valuable insights for your optimization efforts.

What’s unique is that some free keyword research tools base their results on the “people also ask” sections, FAQs, and more. Things that people are actively asking for answers to.

My Picks For The 5 Best Free Keyword Research Tools

Google Keyword Planner

Let’s start with a true classic – Google Keyword Planner. Without a doubt, this should be a standard tool in any SEO or blogger’s toolbelt. You’re working with the big dog himself on this one; data delivered directly from Google Keyword tools.

This tool is integral to Google Ads and offers a treasure trove of insights. It provides valuable keyword search volume and competition levels data and even suggests new keywords.

It’s a trusted go-to for many SEO enthusiasts, and you should become familiar with it.

Check Google Keyword Planner out here.


Developed by the renowned Neil Patel, Everyone’s favorite SEO guru and affiliate marketing maven. Ubersuggest is a gem in keyword research. While the free plan does have some limitations on the number of free searches per day, it still provides value. With Ubersuggest, you can access keyword suggestions, search volume data, and even get a glimpse into SEO difficulty. 

Many of the features are one’s you’ll find in the big Keyword Research tools, like Ahrefs & SEMrush, but you can try some stuff for free with Niel Patel’s tool.

Ubersuggest is worth checking out. Give it a whirl here.

If you’re looking for a tool beyond Google, is here to deliver some unique insights. generates a wealth of keyword suggestions by harnessing the autocomplete data from various search engines like Google, Bing, YouTube, and more.

You know when you’re searching for something, and Google completes the sentence for you? That’s where it pulls its suggestions from, which is incredibly valuable in keyword research; it gives you terms people actively use and look for.

Moreover, it also provides search volume data (the density of searches), providing a comprehensive view of your keywords.

I recommend you try at least once; you can find it here.

Answer the Public

Sometimes, the best keywords are those people already ask questions about. In fact, growing research shows that this could be one of the more effective ways to gain keyword traction moving forward.

Answer the Public takes a different approach; it generates keyword ideas based on popular questions asked online. People feed Google questions all day, every day, and Google wants to direct them to the best answers, so these are fantastic keyword research tools in our arsenal. This can be particularly useful when targeting precise topics or capturing question-based search queries.

Discover the power of Answer the Public here.

Keyword Surfer

Looking for a tool that seamlessly integrates with your browsing experience, providing you with SEO data as you move through your day? Look no further than the awesome “Keyword Surfer.”

It’s a handy Chrome extension that displays search volume data and related keywords on the Google search results page. As you search, it will display the information relevant to each page.

With this tool, you can quickly assess the popularity and competition of keywords, wasting minimal time, which itself is a blessing. In fact, you might even consider this tool a money saver; after all, time is money.

Get results faster from your browsing with Keyword Surfer here.

The Best Free Keyword Research Tool Is The One That Works For You

Now, you’re probably wondering which tool has that special little place in our keyword research closet. Well, the truth is every tool mentioned here has its own strengths and unique features. 

I know this isn’t the answer you want, haha! You want it clear and concise. So, here’s my opinion on the matter. From my extensive research and use in my SEO career, Google Keyword Planner & Answer The Public should be in every SEO’s free keyword research cabinet.

I suggest you try them all and find what’s best for you, but without a doubt, the best tool for you ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences. I encourage you to explore all the options presented here and see which resonates most with your SEO journey. So much of it comes down to trial and error in the end, so just get started!

In conclusion, I understand the struggles of navigating through countless software providers searching for the perfect keyword research tool; it’s an absolute dystopian nightmare. That’s why I took that hell upon myself to sift through the options and present you with the top five free keyword research tools. May they guide you to greater heights in your SEO journey; now, make haste and start ranking!

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